Each 1000ml Solution Contains.
Vitamin A ——————–25MIU
Vitamin D3——————2.5MIU
Vitamin E ——————5000mg
Vitamin K3—————–4000mg

Vitamin A is required for normal growth, reproduction and maintenance of epithelial cells in good condition (skin and the linings of the digestive, reproductive, and respiratory tracts One Vitamin D cholecalciferol (CC) enhances the utilisation P and Ca bound to phytate, as well as other minerals, including manganese, iron, copper and zinc. It is also involved in the development of cell-mediated immunity in chicken through its role in the maturation and proper functioning of the macrophages
Vitamin E is required for growth and reproduction, it helps to maintain the structural tissue integrity, it supports development of the nervous system and contributes to disease resistance.Vitamin E cannot be synthesised by poultry and pigs and thus must be ingested via their diet.
Vitamin k3 recommended to prevent prolonged bleeding caused by wounds (cannibalism) and hemorrhagic syndrome, and in cases of Vitamin K 3 deficiencies in feed or related to intoxication

Prevention and treatment of Nutritional deficiencies. Enhance immunity Improve Egg produc tion and Egg shell Quality. Improve fertility and Hatchability. Improve FCR. Increase weight gain. Protect early chick mortlity.
Powder ADEK is served in cases of shortage of one components effecting growth. It is helping in preventing muscular dystrophy, Encephlomalacia and exudative diathesis and helps protecting against fungal Mycotoxins, as well as against fertility and hatching problems.

1ml per 16 liters of drinking water for 3—5 days.

Store in a cool, dry and dark place.
Keep away from the reach of Children.
Protect from direct sunlight.

100gm,250gm, 500ml, 1kg,2.5kg,10kg,25kg

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