(Tilmicosin Phosphate)

Each 100 ml contains:
Tilmicosin Phosphate USP………………..25gm

• Tilmofas is as aqueous solution of the antibiotic Tilmicosin for administration via the drinking water.
• Each 100 ml contains 25gm of Tilmocoisn and excipients for stability and easy solubilisation.
• Tilmicosin is produced semi-synthetically and is a member of macrolide class of antibiotics.

For the treatment of respiratory infections in chicken flocks, associated with mycoplasma Gallisepticum,M.Synoviae,Ornithobacterium rhinotracheale, pasteurella multocida and other organisims sensitive to Tilmocosin.
Dosage and Administration:
Important: must be diluted before administration to animal to be included in the drinking water after placement of chickens at 75gm Tilmicosin/liter (30 ml Tilmofas per 100 liters) for 3 days. In clinical trials this equated to a daily dose of approximately 15-20mg/kg. Medication maybe applied for later disease and stress episodes at the same dose for 24-48 hours. Medicated drinking water should be prepared fresh every 24 hours. 120 ml bottle of Tilmofas is sufficient to medicate 400 liters of drinking water for chicken.
Withdrawal time:
• Poultry meat shouldn’t be used during treatment and within 7 days from the last treatment.
• Not Known
Operator Warnings:
• May Cause irritation or sensitization by skin contant. Avoid direct Skin Contant.
• Wear overalls and impervious gloves when mixing and handling the product.
• Wash hands after handling the product.
• Wash affected parts if skin contact accurs, immediately rinse.
Pharmaceutical warning and general precautions:
• Not for use chicken producing eggs for human consumption.
• Don’t Allow horses and other equines access to drinking water containing Telmicosin.

Store in dark, dry places below 250C, don’t refrigerate.

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