Technology- Intervac (Pvt) Ltd

Raw materials are of the highest quality available meeting rigid specifications. Managed by a team of qualified and highly skilled

professionals the manufacturing procedural codes are strictly adhered to and as such all processes are carried out at every stage

of manufacture i.e. from receiving of raw materials to the release of goods for sale.
Every finished product batch of medicine or vaccines passes a final series of quality control test to confirm that the produced batch meets the required specifications. Before any batch is released and approved for sale a Quality Control check is carried out on to ensure that all compliance are met through Quality Assurance procedures. From the grass root level to the release of a batch, all checks applied are to validate the International Standards of Goods Laboratory Practice (GLP) and Goods Manufacturing Practice (GMP). The compliance of GLP & GMP provides the assurance to the end user that Intervac's products are pure, safe, efficacious, reliable meeting all standards of production