Intervac (Pvt) Ltd is a company of professionals committed to animal Health Care and the ethics of the veterinary profession. Our main focus on advanced Pharma knowledge and practices make us enable to deliver the innovative, Science-based solution for animals, which could be much more profitable for Animal Health Professionals.

In 2007, Pakistani Governmental Authorities granted the license of manufacturing to Intervac (Pvt) Ltd, with the distinction that it was the first veterinary pharmaceutical company that received the “A” category from the Ministry of Health Inspection Panel. After this inspection, a clear landmark was set and the team of Intervac was committed to meeting the standards and working for continuous improvement. local job listings The plant is scattered over approximately ( 2 ) acres of land. The building had been designed to meet the future & current expansion.

Intervac (Pvt) Ltd is an ISO 9001 2008, GMP, and cGMP certified compliant company with having the scope of its customer’s satisfaction for their Healthy Animals and Birds through the distribution of its quality products, which are manufactured under the stringent quality control check and balance, Intervac (Pvt) Ltd had made it possible through its highly qualified and experienced faculty coupled with state of the art facility provisioned with high-tech modern equipment and technology.

Our mission

Intervac Pvt. Ltd. is dedicated to health with economy and we are always trying and thriving to achieve this goal.

Our Vision

Our stringent commitment to global standards of quality has seen us grow phenomenally over the last decade, to create a niche of our own, in the highly competitive world markets. Intervac Pvt. Ltd. has been the name one of the most innovative and leading importers & distributors of veterinary Pharmaceuticals, Vaccines, Vitamins, and medicated feed additives products. Our technical perfection, quality standards, and innovative impacts are unique. Inetervac Pvt. Ltd. has become one of the leading symbols of quality products in veterinary Pharmaceuticals.• Safe and environmentally friendly products.

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