HYDROFAS VACCINE is prepared for prevention and control of infectious hydro pericardium (Angara) disease in poultry At Intervac (Pvt) Ltd. CGMP standards are strictly observed to maintain high standards of Potency, Efficacy and Safety. Green Color bottle packing has been introduced for the first time in Pakistan for this vaccine.
Additional space in bottle provides facility to add any antibiotic without opening the seal, lf required Cascade filtration with German technology does not block the automatic syringes.

Inject subcutaneously 0.3 ml under the Wing/neck at the age of 16-20 days.

Store refrigerated but do not freeze.
Shake well before use.
Keep cool during use.
Protect from sunlight and heat.
Do not use expired vaccine.
Use vaccine under supervision of a qualified doctor or Veterinary Assistant.
Do not use vaccine for chicks under stress or suffering from any disease.

Bottles of 150 ml (500 doses)
Bottles of 300 ml (1000 doses)
Bottles of 600 ml (2000 doses)

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