Intervac Divalent H7+H9 Contains Inactivated H7 & H9 Serotypes of Avain lnfluenza Virus, Preservative,
And Oil Excipient.

Avian Influenza ls A Virai Problem of Birds It Hits The Birds At Any Age Of Life. lnduces Respiratory Syndrome With Facial Swellings. Effected Birds Become off feed, Dull And Depressed, It Causes 100% Mordibilitly And More Than 50% Mortality ln Broilers, Breeders B Commerical Layers Avian Influenza (no) In Poultry ls Caused by Avian lnfluenza serotypes H5, H7 And He. Mainly Serotypes H7 And H9 Prevailing In Pakistan.

Preventive Vaccination of Poultry against Avain lnfluenza Serotypes H7 B H9

Subcutaneous Or intramuscular Route.
Local Reactions Do N01 Occur lt Vaccine ls Property injected But Trace of Oil May Be Found For Some
Time At injection Site.
Advised Vaccination Programme:
lt ls Recimmanded For Use In Broiler Breeders And Layers According To The Following Schedule:
ln Breeder: 10 Days of Age Younger 0.2 Ml ls Recommended. A Dose of 0.3 MI Of vaccine is Used for Birds older than 10 Days 0f Age.
ln Breeder And Layer Pullets:
High Challenge Area: A1 around 12 days of Age, Revaccinate with 0.3 Ml Dose At 6-8 Weeks of Age
And 2-4 Weeks Before The Expected Onset of Lay.
L0w Challenge Area: Vaccinate With 0.3 MI Dose At 4-8 Weeks of Age And Again 2-4 Weeks Before
The Expected Onset Of Lay.
lntervac Divalent H7&H9 ls Prepared From Local lsolares Ot Avain Influenza Virus.
Manufacturing Process ls Carried, By Highly Qualified Professionals, Under Havc System Which Ensures Safety, Sterility And Quality 0f Vaccine.
Complate Cold Cham System ls Adopted For Sale Delivery of Vaccine.

Allow the Vaccine To Reach Room Temperature (+20c) Before Use.
Make Sure That Vaccination Equiment ls Clean And Sterilized Before use.
Shake well before use.
Avoid Interavenous Birds.
Only Healthy Birds Should Be Vaccinated.
Inject Subcutaneously In the Lower part of Neck or Inteamuscularly Into the breast
Do not use Syringes with Natural Rubber-based Or Butyl-derived Elastomer Pistons.
In case of Accidental Injection To man, Urgent medical Attention Is Necessary
Store Between -4c And 8c, protected from light .Don’t Freeze.

Bottel Of 300 Ml
(1500 Doses Broilers/ 1000 Doses Breeders Or Layers).

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