Lincol(Water Slouble Powder)

A knock Out for Bacterial Infections

Each 1 gram contains:
Lincomycin…………………………100 mg
Colistin Sulphate…………8,00,000I.U

Lincomycin is an antibiotic with a bacteriostaic action. In high concentrations, lincomycin can also act as a bactericide. Lincomycin inhibits the protein synthesis of Gram-positive micro-organisims by binding to the 50-S subunit of the ribosomes.
After oral administration the absorption percentage of lincomycin is 20-35% the absorption of lincomycin from gastrointestinal tract is reduced when feeding takes place at the same time. The maximal plasama concentrations reached after oral and intramuscular administration are respectively 2 hours and 1 hour.
Lincomycin is well distributed throughout the body tissues, including bone tissue and placenta. Tissue concentrations of lincomycin are often higher than serum concentrations.
Lincomycin is partly metabolized in the liver. The remaining active lincomycin is excreted in unchanged from in the urine and the bile.
Colistin is an antibiotic member of the polymixin family, showing a high amphipathic character. Its mechanism of action has been related to its ability to disrupt phospholipid bilayers of the bacterial membrane. Due to its hydrophobic properties colistin can interact both with the polar head and the alkyl chains of the phospholipids. Moreover, it has a polycationic structure, so its interactions with phospholipids should be highly dependent on the electric charge of the lipid and the ionization state of polymixin molecule. The surface activity of colistin has been shown to be highly dependent on the pH of the medium, the less protonate4d forms beind more stable at the air-water interface. interaction with phospholipid monolayers shows the same tendency. Colistin is also able to form mixed monolayers with phospholipids with small deviations from ideality. Physicochemical studies carried out with fluorescent probes indicate the presence of pure colistin aggregates that can coexist with mixed micelles composed of colistin/phospholipids. ln no case did the interaction cause significative changes in the transfion temperature of phospholipids.

LINCOL is effective in infections caused by Mycoplasma, Clostridia, E.Coli, Salmonella, Haemophilus, Pasteurella and other gram positive & gram negative infections.

Prevention: 1 gm in 3 liters of drinking water for 3-5 days.
Treatment: 1 gm in 2 liters of drinking water for 3 -5 days.

Keep away from reach of children.
Store at cool and dry place.


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