Pronifas Injection

Each ml contains
Diminazine Aceturate…………………………. 105mg
Antipyrine U.S.P………………………………….. 131mg

Diminazene is an anti-infective medication for animals. It is effective against certain protozoa such as Babesia, Trypanosoma, and Cytauxzoon. The drug may also be effective against certain bacteria including Brucella and Streptococcus
Antipyrine is an analgesic and antipyretic that has been given by mouth and as ear drops. Antipyrine is often used in testing the effects of other drugs or diseases on drug-metabolizing enzymes in the liver.

Pronif injection is the combination of diminazine which acts as analgesic and antipyretic agent. The combination provides effective treatment against Trypanosomes and babesia in cattle, sheep, horses, camels and dogs.
Diminazine is a diamidine derivative which gives a high trypanocidal effect against T.vivax, T-congolase, T-brucei, Its spectrum is wide due to which is equally effective against Babesia like babesia bovis, B-big emina, B-motasi, B-canis. Antipyrine a pyrazolone derivative has powerful analgesic, antipyretic and anti-inflammatory action. It is of great value as adjunct to primary therapy, septic or endotoxic shock describes the spectrum of changes found in an animal suffering trypanosomiasis.

 Pronifas injection is recommended for I/M only. Normal dosage is 0.3ml per 10 kg of body weight(as3.5 mg per kg body weight)
Cow / Buffalo: 10ml per 300kg body weight.
Horse / Donkey: 10ml per 300kg body weight.
Sheet / Goat / Dogs: 0.3ml per 100kg body weight.
In case of trypanosoma brucei, the dose must be doubled.
In case of surra, if required the dose may be repeated on third day.

Store cool and dry place. protect from light.
This medicine should be used according to veterinary doctor advice
Shake well before use.
For veterinary use only.


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