Each ml contain Furosemide 50 gm
Duravac Inj. (Furosemide is the most commonly administered diuretic in veterinary practice with fast action & wide therapeutic indications
Supportive therapy in all cases in which non-inflammatory accumulation of fluid of various organs should be reabsorbed from the tissue, body cavities, joints, tendon sheats etc, by means of incre4ased disuresis/soluresis i.e. edema associated with cardiac insufficiency, renal dysfunction, trouma & parasitic diseases. It is also recommended for the treatment of oedemo of the teas or udder, limb oedema and false pregnancy.
Dosage &Administration
Horse : 5-10 ml 1-2 times / day at interval of 6-8 hours
Buffalo / Cattle : 5-10 ml at interval of 12-14 hours
Dog. Cats : 0.25-0.5 ml per kg body wt at 6-8 hours interval
Sheep/Goat : 1ml/20kg body Wt. at interval of 12-14 hours

A high degree of efficacy, low inherent toxicity and rapid onset of action
Excessive use of Furosemide can cause electrolyte imbalance and dehydration in animals
Milk Withdrawals
48 hours after the last treatment
Meat withdrawal
48 hours
Packing: 10ml, 20 ml

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