Intermectin 1% Inj

Each ml contains
Ivermectin …………… 10mg

1% Ivermectin Sterile Solution is an injectable dewormer for the control of mature and immature stages of internal and external parasites in cattle and including many species of gastrointestinal roundworms, lungworms, grubs, sucking lice and mange mites in cattle.

Intermectin injection is indicated for treatment and control of internal and external parasites, gastrointestinal round worms, lung worms, eye worms, sucking lice, mites and ticks of cattle, buffalo, sheep, goat and camel.

Administer the following dose by subcutaneous injection into anterior half of neck.
Cattle / Buffalo / Camel: 1ml per 50kg body weight.
Sheep / Goat: 0.5ml per 25kg body weight.
For strategic tick control program repeat dose at 28-days interval.

Consult the veterinarian before use.
Keep out of the reach of children.
Store cool and dry place.

10ml,25ml, 50ml, 100ml,200ml

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